Sunday, November 1, 2009


I've had this blogspot account for quite sometime. Haven't used it for various reasons, mostly because I am an admitted comittment-phobe, and a serial procrastinator. I was typically hesitant about starting up a blog because I didn't think I would commit to it properly and keep it updated on a reasonably regular basis. This would be just another in a long list of tasks that I would find a way to neglect. So, I have simply held off until now.

Today I have decided either I am going to be a part of this blogspot community or not. So, herewith I am launching the first of what I hope will be many uploads of random thoughts and images, with no agenda or expectations.

This first pic was randomly chosen. It is a portrait of a young brother (Brandon) whom I met in random fashion during a studio photoshoot where the second of two models was a no-show. Since I had the rented studio and lighting set up anyway, I went out on the street and literally picked this guy and out got him to give me 5 minutes to shoot a few portrait shots. He was a great sport.



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